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Let's bring back resident representation in Irvine

​Reasons to Recall Mayor Shea:​

  • BEHOLDEN TO DEVELOPER. She is relentless in her effort to move the planned and designed State Veterans Cemetery away from the Great Park ARDA site in order to transfer control of the City-owned Great Park property to developer FivePoint for their massive development.

  • CORRUPT. FivePoint spent $106,088 to promote Shea’s successful 2016 reelection campaign for City Council.

  • UNELECTED. Shea was not elected Mayor. She was automatically assigned the position as the former

    Mayor Pro Tem when former Mayor Don Wagner resigned to become County Supervisor.

  • HOMOPHOBIC, ANTI-LGBTQ+. Shea, in 1989, led the campaign to bash the LGBTQ+ community with a successful ballot measure that removed “sexual orientation” from the City’s non-discrimination ordinance. She told the LA Times, “I don’t want gay pride festivals or public sex in bathrooms in my city.”

    Recently, Shea teamed up with Carroll (and Councilmember Anthony Kuo) to reject a proposal to fly the rainbow “Pride Flag” at City Hall — in recognition of 50 years of progress in overcoming discrimination against gays, lesbians and others made to suffer because of their sexual orientation.

  • ANTI-CLIMATE-ACTION. In June 2019, Shea attended the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors attended by 226 U.S. mayors. Shea was one of just a half-dozen mayors to vote NO on four resolutions to combat climate change.

  • XENOPHOBIC, ANTI-IMMIGRANT. At the same Conference, Shea voted NO on all seven resolutions calling for the dignified and humane treatment of asylum seekers and other immigrants seeking refuge in the United States. She also chose to attack Dr. Kev Abazajian’s Armenian heritage by spelling out his full birth name, Kevork Nazar Abazajian, to highlight his non-Anglo-Saxon name, intending to mean “unwanted immigrant.”

Reasons to Recall Councilmember Carroll:​

  • UNELECTED. Michael Carroll was appointed to the City Council in a scheme by Mayor Shea and developer FivePoint.

  • HOMOPHOBIC, ANTI-LGBTQ+. Councilmember Carroll condemned the Pride Flag as a “spectacle of divisiveness.”

  • XENOPHOBIC, ANTI-IMMIGRANT. He attacked Dr. Kev Abazajian’s Armenian heritage by spelling out his full birth name, Kevork Nazar Abazajian, to highlight his non-Anglo-Saxon name, intending to mean “unwanted immigrant.”

Download a flyer with these reasons here.

Statement from co-spokesperson Steve Berger

        My name is Stephen Berger, and I have been a resident of Irvine since September 1979.  My two now-grown children were raised in Irvine, attended Irvine schools, participated in Irvine soccer, T-Ball, softball, Girl and Boy Scouts, and other Irvine activities, and we were blessed with a very large, extended Irvine family of our many close and special friends.  I was a long time participant for 30 years in AYSO, Region 144 South Irvine, as an Assistant Coach, Coach, Commissioner, and Board Member.

        For better or worse, I never paid much attention to local Irvine politics, and like most of us I was oblivious to the pervasive influence of Developers (like the Irvine Company and now FivePoint Communities) and other Special Interests.  I have believed and felt since 1979, and I continue to believe and feel, that there is no better place anywhere to live and raise a family than right here in Irvine.

        That said, our current Irvine City Council is beset with very troubling and concerning issues, one of the most prominent being the overriding influence and control of FivePoint Communities and its main principal, Emile Haddad, over a majority of our City Council, including Mayor Christina Shea and Council Member Mike Carroll, both of whom are unelected.

        Mayor Shea and Council Member Carroll are emblematic of one of our overriding problems now plaguing us in Irvine, which is the rampant and continual imposition of reckless overdevelopment, with one of the main consequences being too many people and endless traffic congestion for our available open space here in Irvine.  I am not against all development, but all development must be responsible and intelligently planned, with two of the primary objectives being preservation of our high quality of life for all of us here in Irvine, and fealty and dedication to our Irvine General Plan.

        We Citizens of Irvine cannot and should not have to bear the brunt of unelected City officials like Mayor Shea and Council Member Carroll.  And that is why I steadfastly and determinedly promote and support the Recall of Mayor Christina Shea and Council Member Mike Carroll.

        We should and must elect responsible and impartial City officials who will address and rectify the rampant overdevelopment and incessant traffic congestion here in our beloved Irvine, sever the chokehold of Developers and other Special Interests over our Irvine City Council, and respect and listen to the will of the majority of we Citizens of our beloved Irvine.

Residents speak out in favor of Recall

William Tucker

I cannot understand why Mayor Shea and Councilmember Carroll refuse to go along with the great majority of the people of Irvine.  Couldn’t they see this recall petition coming? 

Randall B. Grunbaum
(U.S. Army, Retired)

Shea is a complete disgrace as a person and a Mayor.  She must go.  We must restore integrity, honor, and respect for the voice and vote of the people.  The City deserves better. 

Judy Stephens

I am so tired of officials ignoring what the people vote for.  But, it is the people who have the real power!  When officials turn their backs on us, let us show them the door.