Use the power of your vote now!

For Irvine Registered Voters, only:


You can use your VOTER POWER, NOW, without waiting for an election.

Sign the petitions to recall Irvine’s corrupt, developer-controlled Mayor Christina Shea and Councilman Michael Carroll, both unelected.


A flyer with reasons to recall is available here. A flyer with these instructions is available here.

  1. Download two petitions, available in a single PDF here.  Each petition is 2 pages.

  2. Print out the two 2-page petitions onto four separate sheets of paper, single sided.  DO NOT PRINT ON BOTH SIDES of the sheet to save paper.  The petition will be invalid if printed on both sides of the sheet.

  3. Circulator: You can be both the signer (if you’re an Irvine registered voter) and the circulator (who can be anyone over 18 years old).  For each of the 2-page petitions, on the bottom of the second page, immediately fill out the first part of the “DECLARATION OF PERSON CIRCULATING…” in your own handwriting.  That is, fill out your name, address
    (+ city, state, zip), and the date you downloaded the petition as the starting date.

  4. Obtain signatures—ONLY from Irvine registered voters—in blue or black ink on each petition.  Every Irvine voter can sign both of the recall petitions.  Even though each 2-page petition has eight numbered blocks for voter information, not all eight blocks need to be filled.  Even one signature on a petition is valuable, even if you can’t get more.

  5. Circulator: Before submitting the petition, you must complete the “DECLARATION...”  That is, fill in the ending date for collecting signatures, and the date and city you’re in when you sign, and your signature and date as circulator on the very bottom.

Returning the petitions from the safety of your home!

Drop in the mail
Put the 2 petitions (4 sheets), folded, in a business-size envelope.  Mail the petitions using first-class U.S. postage ($0.55), to:

Ed Pope, Chair
Build the Great Park Veterans Cemetery 
6102 Sierra Siena Rd.
Irvine, CA 92603

For further information, contact Harvey: